Amidala 'Ami' Marek

Ami was born four years after her older brother Kin due to stabalizing the government and her father's memory slowly returned. Leia and Galen wanted to stabalize their marriage before bringing any more children into the Skywalker family. She is two years older than Rahm and is very close to both her siblings, however Ami always had a special bond with her grandmother, as she is a very wonderful orator, like her mother and grandmother. She is the only Skywalker girl to have both the dark eyes and dark hair or Padme and Leia Amidala. At 16 years old, Ami is ready for the Jedi Trials. However, after her mother's brief stint with the Dark Side the Council has reservation about a female Skywalker becoming a Knight. Despite being only apprenticed for one year: Ami has a mastered many Force skills with one so young. Ami's likeness to  her mother puts many on the Council at unease, however Ami is very headstrong and goes about things more subtly than her mother. She is very much her own person and won't let anyone forget


Name: Amidala Marek

Nickname: Ami

Father: Galen Marek

Mother: Leia Amidala Skywalker Marek

Siblings: older brother Kin and younger brother Rahm Marek

Age: 16

Profession: Jedi Padawan

Jedi Master:

Lightsaber Form: Soresu; later Juyo

Physical appearance: Looks like a mini-Leia

Featured: Will of the Force

Will of the ForceEdit



Jedi PadawanEdit

Jedi KnightEdit

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