Shivia (possible)

Arienne Shivia on Taldornadi

Arienne Shivia was a Force-sensitive human female born just before the outbreak of the Clone War. Her parents refused to allow her to undergo Jedi training but she was later captured by pirates and used as a slave until she was found and rescued, at age nineteen, by former Jedi Master Kyidyin Muchian and his apprentice Norring Glenton. Shivia would spend the next fifteen years training under Kyidyin and would ebcome very clsoe with both him and Glenton.

When her Master founded the New Jedi Order, Shivia was with him and helped create the Jedi Illuminates, a path focused on using the Force. She continued training Jedi and served on the High Council. After Kyidyin's death over Sriluur, Shivia and Glenton ascended to High Masters and led the Council through the remainder of the war, incuding the massacre at Grovinior, and for the next thirty years. They instituted the Council of Sixteen and led it until its disintegration.

Shivia was still serving as High Master during the War with Aelitou. After several months of war, she, Glenton,a nd many of their comrades were taken prisoner after the failed attack on Taldornadi but broke free and encountered former Jedi Nioman Dokoora, who took them to Ilum. Aelitou tracked the Jedi there and dueled Shivia, with their warring powers providing a spectacle the lieks of which ahd never before been seen. Shivia, however, was defeated and stabbed through the chest by Aelitou. She lasted long enough, though, to ensure the survival of her remaining comrades.


Born: 25 BBY, Chalacta

Died: 53 ABY, Ilum

Species: Human

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedi High Council, Council of Sixteen

Jedi Path: Illuminate

Weapon: Purple Lightsaber

Master: Kyidyin Muchian

Apprentices: Toqin Ktul, Celia Othi

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Appearances: Kyidyin Muchian, Story of the Bark Family


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