Azarp Bark was born among Tusken Raiders and taken to the Jedi Order by Sharad Hett. He was trained as a apadawan by High Councilor Plo Koon. During his padawan days the Clone War broke out and he was one of many Jedi to fight on Geonosis and become Jedi Generals in the war.

After his affair with fellow knight Mihra Reyven was found out he was expelled and took sancuary with his family on Tatooine. He was later joined by Mihra, after the Jedi Purge broke out, and she became his wife and later bore him three children, Sharad, Plo, and Dotina.

During an Imperial Raid Mihra was poisoned and on Azarps subsequent quest to find a cure he was given a vision from the Force, requesting that he go to Coruscant and join the New Jedi Order. After Mihra was restored to health their family traveled to Coruscant, just in time to take part in a new war that enveloped the galaxy. On a mission to Sullust Azarp was tempted with teh Dark Side by Darth Nihalis but chose death instead.


Born: 38 BBY, Tatooine

Died: 22 BBY, above Sullust

Species: Human

Family:Javarron Bark; father, Patichak; mother, Mihra Reyven Bark ; wife, Sharad Bark; son, Plo Bark; son, Dotina Bark; daughter, Jana Salia Bark; daughter-in-law

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Bark Family, New Jedi Order, Tusken Raiders

Jedi Path: Guardian

Lightsaber Form: Shien

Weapons: Blue Lightsaber, Gaderffi

Master: Plo Koon

Apprentice: Sharad Bark (informal)

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile, Kyidyin Muchian


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