The Battle of Olederadi was the deciding Battle of the Second ExtraGalactic Invasion. It signaled the end of Aelitou's reign of terror and led to the beginning of the Jedriadde under battle victors Jacien Bark, Saolin Feng, and Tarae Leehl.

The battle began when Aelitou, in her meditation, discovered the location of the base on Olederadi, the headquarters for the Jedi, Barks, and Agents of Justice. The battle was fought in three places; on the landing platforms, wherre the Jedi's finest faced off against Darth Aelitou and Shennik Shif, in the planets' orbit, where a small fighter team led by Esmara and Emmett Bark staved of the landing craft for as long as they could in the face of massive battleships, and in the resistance base, where AoJ commander Radal Hendor and Jedi Grandmaster Norring Glenton held off the endless tide of Aelitou's minions.

The battle ended in victory for the Jedi and their allies but at massive cost, partularly to the Jedi who lost many of their finest masters. With Aelitou dead at the hands of Nioman Dokoora and Jacien Bark the galaxy entered a state of relative peace and the Jedriadde rose up on the ashes of the Loyalist Alliance and the Jedi Order.




' Jacien Bark

Nioman Dokoora*

Kye Nareac*

Sharad Bark*

Saolin Feng

Tarae Leehl

Celia Othi*

Jane Bark

Rosalie Bark


Darth Aelitou*

Shennik Shif*

Space BattleEdit


Esmara Bark Rinten

Emmett Bark

Randen Rinten

Relanna Kedrima

Plo Bark *

Dotina Bark*

Veranna Seronne


AoJ Pilots


Sithenperial Battleships

Sithenperial Cruisers

Sithenperial Landing Craft

Sithenperial Pilots

Base BattleEdit


Radal Hendor

Norring Glenton


Jana Salia Bark *

Muchian Solo Kedrima *

Ulic Kedrima*

Treya Altorn

Jorum Altorn

AoJ Agents


Sithenperial Warriors

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The DuelEdit

The Space BattleEdit

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