The Battle of Tandor took place in 77 ABY and was part of a scheme by the Red-Eye Five to be used as a diversion to draw attention away from the main attack which took place against the Galactic Capital on Kashyyyk. The battle began with simultaneous bombings against the Tandorian capital of Asteriya and the Secondary AoJ headquarters situated outside the city. The raid against the AoJ was quickly repusled but a great deal of damage was done to Asteriya and its residents.

The next attack was focused on the complex occupied by the Bark Family. This, in fact, had been the primary goal of the attack, apart from its diversionary value. Red-Eye Five knew the Barks were the center of the movement against them and hoped that crippling the family would subsequently weaken the defense against Red-Eye Five by the AoJ and the Jedi and allow them to swoop in and knock out the weak Jedriadde.

The Barks put up a surprising resistance and, despite losing Emmett and Esmara, they held out long enough for the Red-Eye Five to begin to worry about AoJ and Tandorian reinforcements. The battle ultimitely resulted in defeat when Enedir and Hazel Levesque (nee Bark) entered the fray, turning the tide in favor of the Barks. One of the Five was killed and the men under his command retreated, unable to maintain a reasonable offensive. The Battle of Tandor, along with the simultaneous one on Kashyyyk, disabled the Red-Eye Five for two years and while they did recover, it was never in as much streangth as before and they were soon permanently defeated on Otrera. While it was a victory for the Barks and their allies there were hard losses and they and the AoJ relocated to Arebeddon and were followed by the Jedi after the Jedriadde collapsed.


Attackers (Red-Eye Five)Edit

Red-Eye Five bombers

Red-Eye Five incindiary troopers

Red-Eye Five Infiltration Corps

Defenders (AoJ and Barks)Edit

Emmett Bark*

Esmara Rinten*

Randen Rinten

Treya Bark

Siron Bark

Irina Bark

Jarrod Bark

Jorum Altorn

Jane Altorn

Rosalie Hendor

Radayan Hendor

Tandor Security Forces

AoJ Agents

AoJ Pilots

Battle ProgressionEdit

Initial ForayEdit

Incindiary AttacksEdit

Battle in the CityEdit

Successful DefenseEdit