Ben was the son of Luke Skywalker. Orphaned at a young age, he was raised by his grandfather, formerly Darth Vader, and taught in the ways of the Force.

In the Crossroads AU, he left Guardian's shelter during his twenties and fell in love with Jedi Knight Estalla Corridan, with whom he had two children, Toran and Taera. He was later summoned to return to Mustafar, which he did to escape the coming war, but Estalla feared Guardian and was sent away by him. Ben was forbidden to go in search of her. During the next thirty years he, with Guardian, raised his children and gave them the training he himself had received.

Later on, Guardian worried of a danger, this time a direct threat to the family, but he was unable to identify it, so he sent Ben to retrieve an old crystal from ancient Sith Lord Ketzel Viren. However, before the duel could end, Ben was murdered by Estalla, who had fallen to the Dark Side.

Information Edit

Born: 19 ABY (Crossroads)

Died: 81 ABY (Crossroads)

Species: Human

Family: Luke Skywalker (father), Estalla Corridan (wife, CAU), Toran Skywalker (son, CAU), Taera Skywalker (daughter, CAU)

Affiliation: Skywalker Line

Weapon: Blue Lightsaber

Appearances: Echoes, Guardian, Crossroads

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