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Bilhah Regalia

Bilhah was born during the Jedriadde Era and, at age thirteen, would ebcome the padawan learner of Master Zarchal. She would soon be joined by Enedir LeTerin and the two would become close friends. Initially, Bilhah took on the path of Jedi Guardian but she later transferred as a Historian and began studying so as to join Temple Staff once she was knighted. Zarchal would be assigned to help the Agency of Justice in the Red-Eye Five case which led Bilhah to participate in the Battle of Alonra and several others, leading her to become friendly with the Barks. Shortly afterward, Bilhah's and Enedir;s paths would split somewhat as she became a Jedi Knight and pursued her dream as a Historian while he abandoned the Order to marry Hazel Bark. Despite this, the two continued to get on well, which would be a crucial point later on.

That time would come after a split in the Jedi which caused bloodshed between the Jedi and the Barks/Agency of Justice, leaving Bilhah in the middle. Enedir was able to slip inside the Jedi Temple and with Bilhah managed to provide imprtant information to the Barks and former Grandmaster Leehl. Though she would be unable to save Master Zarchal from execution, Bilhah did help Master Leehl reassert her control over the Order. But al was not well and Leehl would later be killed and the Jedi would begin to split once more, and Bilhah soon found herself leading those of the Jedi that remained faithful. Eventually, the Jedi sects would reunite on Tython but it was too late and the Order was wiped out by Kobor Arilic and his minions, though Bilhah survived the Battle of Tython and became one of the few to experience the Cleansing of the Force.


Born: 54 ABY; Grovinior

Died: ???

Species: Human

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Jedi Path: Jedi Historian

Lightsaber Form: Niman

Weapon: Blue Lightsaber

Master: Zarchal

Apprentices: None

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Appearances: SBF VI, VII

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