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Celia Othi was born during the end of the Galactic Empire and as a teenager was taken by Arienne Shivia to the Jedi and became Shivia's padawan and followed the path of a Jedi Illuminate. She was still a padawan when the First EG Invasion broke out and she fough alongside Master Shivia many times, including Grovinior. She then became one of the youngest members of the Council of Sixteen.

During those thirty years, she trained many apprentices and continued her own studies in the Force. She fought in the Second EG Invasion and experienced the death of her Master and briefly served on the short-lived Jedi Triumvirate. She fought in the Battle of Olederadi and died at the hands of Darth Aelitou.


Born: 10.13.2 ABY, Corellia

Died: 7.7.54 ABY, Olederadi

Species: Human

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Council of Sixteen

Jedi Path: Illuminate

Weapon: Purple Lightsaber

Lighstaber Form: Niman

Master: Arienne Shivia

Apprentices: Many

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile, Kyidyin Muchian


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