The Crimson Crystal AU is an unpublished canon divergence timeline that begins in 66 BBY and extends indefinitely, with current material reaching up till C. 45 BBY. It focuses around Jedi-turned-warlord Nioman Dokoora and his growth to become a galactic superpower, as well as his eventual downfall.

Information Edit

Begins: 66 BBY, during the Mission to Andemeria.

Ends: Currently unrevealed....material extends till around 45 BBY.

Major Characters: Nioman Dokoora, Jon Estallan*, Atella Ragour*, Major Bludd, Claudia Ragour*, Silas Grevvek, Reyna Doliq Grevvek, Enoran Grevvek, Mace Windu, Darth Sidious, Sora Bulq, Oppo Rancisis.

Significant Planets: Coruscant, Karmathia, Alkor I (space station)*, Arebeddon, Grovinior.

Portrayed in: No stories as of now. Is only the subject of an RL RP.