Emmett was the last of the children of Sharad and Jana Bark and was six years old when the family returned to Kashyyyk from their exploration of the galaxy's fringe. Emmett was fifteen when his sister Esmara was married and the war with Aelitou began. He and his siblings, after Sharad was captured by Aelitou, set out to rescue their father and make a more effective resistance to Aelitou than the Jedi were. During the subsequent Battle of Olederadi Emmett found alonside his sister Esmara and future wife Relanna in the space battle.

After the war Emmett and Relanna settled down and had two children, Wilhelm and Hazel, both with the great deal of Force capabilities. Emmett was a key proponent is the family's chocie to leave Kashyyyk and the Jedi and settle on Tandor, where they would stay for fourteen years. Emmett helped out in the fight against Red-Eye Five but was killed defending his family when the Bark residences on Tandor were targeted.


Born: 3.8.37 ABY, deep space

Died: 7.30.77 ABY, Tandor

Family: Sharad Bark ; father, Jana Salia Bark; mother, Jacien Bark; brother, Jane Bark Altorn ; sister, Rosalie Bark Hendor; sister, Esmara Bark Rinten; sister, Relanna Kedrima Bark; wife, Wilhelm Bark; son, Hazel Bark Levesque; daughter

Affiliation: Bark Family

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile


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