Esmara was the fourth child of Sharad and Jana Bark and was born during their exploration of the Unknown Regions, going to Kashyyyk for the at age nine when her family returned there. She was very close with her younger brother Emmett, more so than her older sisters. She married Randen Rinten at age eighteen just before the war with Aelitou broke out. During that war she helped instigate the move to Olederadi and fought alonside Emmett and Randen in the space battle, successfully forcing the surrender of Aelitou's fleet.

After the war ended and the Jedriadde was set up Esmara and Randen settled down and began having children; Jaren, Jimmy, Josiah, Dorothy, and Merle. Later the family, Esmara and Emmett in particular, begn to become disillusioned with the Jedi and left Kashyyyk for the Outer Rim planet of Tandor, where Esmara would live the rest of her life.

Esmara went into depression, similar to the one that had hit her mother when Esmara's generation had left for Olederadi, when her oldest, Jaren and Jimmy, snuck off of Tandor to help Jacien and the AoJ against Red-Eye Five. Esmara was later killed when Red-Eye Five attacked teh relatively undefended Tandor.


Born: 1.8.34 ABY, deep space

Died: 7.30.77 ABY, Tandor

Family: Sharad Bark; father, Jana Salia Bark; mother, Jacien Bark ; brother, Jane Bark Altorn; sister, Rosalie Bark Hendor; sister, Emmett Bark; brother, Randen Rinten; husband, Jaren Rinten; daughter, Jimmy Rinten; son, Josiah Rinten; son, Dorothy Rinten; daughter, Merle Rinten; son

Affiliation: Bark Family

Lightsaber Form: N/A

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile


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Personality and TraitsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like all her family, Esmara had a unusually high Force-sensitivety and she had a strong connection to the Force in her early years though it diminished later on due to lack of practice. She was proficient with her lightsaber and worked well in tandem with her brother Emmett.

Esmara also had reasonable piloting abilities, helping to win the spec portion of the Battle of Olederadi.