Journeys Cover

Cover of Journeys

Followers of the Force: Journeys (more commonly known as Journeys), is a new story by Caleb, set in 77 BBY. It is an AU featuring fan favorite Reesa Doliq, as well as Thame Cerulian and new OCs Shai Tan and Roshari'dannr.


Author: Caleb's Fanfiction Creations


Date Published: June 18, 2014

Planned Date of Completion: Not yet released

Current Number of Words: 1,600

Estimated Number of Words: 100,000

Current Numaber of Chapters: 1 (7/8/14)

POV Characters: Reesa Doliq, Thame Cerulian, Roshari'dannr, Shai Tan


Two apprentices in some distant time after the Battle of Yavin discover a holocron used by Masters of the Old Order. Jedi Masters Thame Cerulian and Reesa Doliq find themselves at odds with the Jedi and go out on their own to hunt down the resurgent Sith. Two intertwined timelines.

No further details have been released.