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The new repository for all information regarding the characters, stories, and worlds of the WTFF members. It also serves as a wiki for the forum itself, with articles pertaining to the forum and its members.
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This wiki contains (or will contain, once it is finished) all information regarding the various universes in the Star Wars fanfiction stories of our authors at WTFF.

The greatest among these is Candace's Different Destiny Trilogy, which diverges from canon after Season 5 of The Clone Wars and leads to Anakin resisting Emperor Palpatine , the survival of the Jedi, and the raising of the Skywalker family under Anakin and Padme.

The other major canon is that of Caleb's Jedi Exile and Story of the Bark Family, which diverges from official canon after Return of the Jedi, following a path which revolves around the shaky rebuilding of the Jedi Order, and the lives of the powerful Bark family.

Along with these, there is the canon-compliant Ebonstar Legacy of Osetto, the Guardian AU of Talicor, and the Crossroads and Journeys AUs by Caleb.

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"It looks like the idiocy of the Jedi Council transcends even time and space."

~Hazel Bark to Rahm Marek in From Many Comes One

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