The Hunt for Major Bludd was a series of engagements between the Republic, CIS, and Fist of Justice in 20 BBY. It began with the assassination of Senator Taguron and failed attempt at the life of Jedi Councilor Adi Gallia. Investigation revealed that Major Bludd was the man responsible for several other significant deaths, and the Senate requested that efforts be made to eliminate him. Adi Gallia and Kyidyin Muchian were selected to lead the investigation. They went first to Magua, homeworld of Senator Taguron, and learned of a schism in the government there. The Jedi asserted control and fortified the Republic-sided sect, though the leader behind the dissidents was assassinated before he could reveal anything. From there, Major Bludd's trail was caught and followed to Rakutar, the site of a major battle between the CIS and Republic. Before Adi's team could do anything, the Jedi leading the Rakutar garrison were slain by General Grievous.

Soon, both Grievous's fleet and Gallia's were on the trail of Major Bludd, though the Separatist ships were shaken by the arrival of a fleet under Plo Koon. The Jedi fleet later met up with Teuch Neuko, whose ship had engaged the Invisible Hand as he engaged Grievous, though both the general and his flagship had escaped.