Jacien Bark was the first child of Sharad and Jana Bark, born several years after the Battle of Grovinior. He and his siblings were raised during Sharad and Jana's quest of exploration on teh firnges of the galaxy and Jacien first saw the capital at Kashyyyk at age sixteen.

Later, he and his family were thrust into war when Darth Aelitou returened and rampaged across the galaxy, forcing the Jedi to retreat into space. After his father went MIA Jacien and his siblings left the other Jedi and went after Sharad, hoping to atke out Aelitou in the process. They did rescue Sharad and were joined by the other Jedi on their base of Olederadi. Aelitou eventually found them there and it was only through the sacrifice of Grey Master Nioman Dokoora that she was vanquished.

Jacien then went on to become the President of the Jedriadde, the Jedi-run government, and had to hold a shaky peace between the Jedi and the Barks though it was soon broken and Jacien and the rest of his family went into exile on Tandor. However, he and Radal Hendor soon became once again involved in public affairs, culminating in the rise of a terrorist group called the Red-Eye Five. 

The investigation for and fight against the Red-Eye Five lasted for years, killing off Radal, until finally they were brought to a halt on Otrera but Jacien did not survive the battle, sacrificing himself to bring down a hostile fleet.


Born: 27 ABY, deep space

Died: 79 ABY, Otrera

Family: Sharad Bark; father, Jana Salia Bark; mother, Treya Altorn Bark; wife, Jane Bark Altorn; sister, Rosalie Bark Hendor; sister, Esmara Bark Rinten; sister, Emmett Bark; brother, Sirron Bark; son, Irina Bark; daughter, Jarrod Bark; son.

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedriadde, Bark Family, Agents of Justice

Lightsaber Form: N/A

Masters: Sharad and Jana Bark (so to speak)

Apprentices: Sirron, Irina, and Jarrod Bark (so to speak)

Appearanaces: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile


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