Jaren Rinten was the first child of Randen and Esmara Rinten and the oldest of her generation. She was born less than a year after the war with Aelitou and was a child during a massive growth period for the Bark Family, which gained fourteen new members by the time she was nine. She was extremely close with her cousin Wilhelm and they became nearly inseparable, a bond that lasted into their young adulthood.

When the terrorists Red-Eye Five became an issue and the Bark homes, now on Tandor, were threatened Jaren and Wilhelm, as well as her brother and his sister Jimmy and Hazel, began to get involved, even sneaking away from their homes without their parents' knowledge and working directly under Uncle Jacien. When Jaren was twenty-two her mother died during the Battle of Tandor, while Jaren herself was on Kashyyyk defending the Jedi Temple. Her father later married Wilhelm's mother, Relanna, the widow of now-dead Emmett Bark. Jaren continued to work under Jacien and with the AoJ and joined them during the attack on the Red-Eye Five base on Otrera. There she, Wilhelm, and Jimmy became separated from the others and she was shot down, with Wilhelm falling soon afterwards. Their deaths were not in vain though as Jimmy went on to hunt down the last of the Red-Eye Five leaders.


Born: 5.8.55 ABY, Kashyyyk

Died: 8.14.79 ABY, Otrera

Family: Randen Rinten; father, Esmara Bark Rinten; mother, Jimmy Rinten; brother, Josiah Rinten; brother, Dorothy Rinten; sister, Merle Rinten; brother

Affiliation: The Bark Family

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family


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