Jimmy was the second child of Randen and Esmara Bark and the third of the Bark cousins. When he was four the Barks moved from their homes on Kashyyk to Tandor so as to escape Jedi scutiny. During his childhood he was close with his cousin Hazel, reluctantly joining her when she decided to join Jaren and Wilhelm when they snuck off of Tandor to help in the effort against Red-Eye Five. They worked under their Uncle Jacien and alongside the Agents of Justice, whose new commander, Jafria Jeroe, Jimmy was forming romantic interests for. Jimmy's mother Esmara and favorite uncle, Emmett died in the Battle of Tandor, followed by Jaren and Wilhelm in the Battle of Otrera which dismantled Red-Eye Five. After that Jimmy's father remarried Relanna Bark, Emmett's widow, and Jimmy himself married Jafria, becoming co-commander of the AoJ.

Jimmy became a little distant from his family after that as he was so enveloped in his work but gladly welcomed them in to the AoJ HQ when their own homes became unsafe due to the Jedi Order falling under the control of enemies of the Barks and thus of the AoJ. The rogue Jedi were eventually driven from the Order but they continued to act, bringing about the deaths of Grandmaster Tarae Leehl and then Jimmy's own wife when they possesed Relanna Rinten, who, before realizing who it was, Jimmy killed after his wife died next to him. After that Jimmy began to slip and allowed the other officers of the AoJ to run things, including a relocation to Tython which the Jedi believed to be a good idea. When Tythonw as attacked Jimmy relentlessly defended the AoJ base but it was eventaully fruitless and he and tehr est of the agency perished there.


Born: 3.12.57 ABY, Kashyyyk

Died: c. 81 ABY, Tython

Family: Randen Rinten; father, Esmara Bark Rinten; mother, Relanna Kedrima Bark Rinten; step-mother, Jaren Rinten; sister, Josiah Rinten; brother, Dorothy Rinten; sister, Merle Rinten; brother, Jafria Jeroe Rinten; wife

Affiliation: Agents of Justice, Bark Family

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family

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