Jinn Skywalker

Jinn with parents: Anakin and Padme

Jinn Skywalker is the youngest son of Anakin and Padme Skywalker. Jinn was born ten years after the twins on Dantooine, after the war against the Empire was in somewhat stable ground. Jinn is a very good pilot though he is left out of a lot of the earlier plots due to his young age. 


Name: Jinn Naberrie Skywalker

Father: Anakin Skywalker

Mother: Padme Amidala Skywalker

Siblings: older twins Luke and Leia Skywalker

Marriages: Ithyca (deceased) Judith SKywalker

Children: Tyrone Nioman 'Ty' Skywalker

Age: 5 (Tof) 10 (COTC) 30 (WOTF

Profession: Jedi Knight

Appearances: Twist of Fate, Choice of the Chosen

Last Appearance: Will of the Force

Twist of FateEdit

We first see Jinn Skywalker at home with his mother and father when Ahsoka calls to inform Anakin of Luke's misbehavior at the Jedi Academy. Anakin was due to go on another mission and was spending what time he had at home with his family. Anakin is given a poor progress on Luke and is very dissappointed in his elder son, as Luke is the Son of Sons and will have to be there to help Anakin destroy the Sith. Jinn, however, warns Anakin to not be too hard on Luke.

Choice of the ChosenEdit

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