Kobor Arilic was a Nautolan Jedi and one of many cadets to be prematurely advanced to Knight after the outbreak of the Second ExtraGalactic Invasion. By 77 ABY he had gained membership on the Jedi High Council, and would be a leading member by 80 ABY. It was in that year that Kobor initiated a movement against the Barks, leading to the resignation of Grandmaster Tarae Leehl. However, things would soon go awry, leading to Leehl's return as Grandmaster and forcing Kobor and his close ally, Shay Tirtunnia, to flee from Arebeddon. Kabor would remain involved from afar and cause the death of AoJ Commander Jafria Jeroe, and later bring about the destruction of the AoJ HQ on Arebeddon, forcing the Barks and their allies to Tython, where Kobor destroyed both the Jedi and the Agency. However, in the moment of his victory, Kobor was defeated by the power of the Spire of Tython and slain by the sacrifice of Enedir LeTerin.


Born: 37 ABY; Glee Anselm

Died: 5.16.81 ABY; Tython

Species: Nautolan

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedi High Council

Jedi Path: Illuminate

Lightsaber Form: Juyo

Weapon: Violet lightsaber (later red)

Master: Celia Othi

Apprentices: N/A

Appearances: SBF VI, VII

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