The only child of Leia and Han Solo, Muchian was discovered to be Force-sensitive and so was handed over to her uncle, Luke Skywlker and Kyidyin Muchian for Jedi training. As a padawan she bonded with fellow apprentice Ulic Kedrima, eventually developing romantic ties with him. She was also close friends with Jana Salia. Early in the First ExtraGalactic Invasion Muchian witnessed her Master's death and replaced him on the High Council, under the guidnace of Hugo Datroni. Muchian and Ulic survived the Battle of Grovinior and went on to serve on the Council of Sixteen.

During the thirty year peace Muchian and Ulic married and had a daughter, Relanna who, to Muchian's delight, later began dating Jana's son Emmett Bark. Muchian served on the Council during the war with Aelitou though was devastated when Relanna left for Olderadi with the Bark children, though mother and daughter were soon reuinted when the Jedi were forced to take refuge with the Barks. Muchian died alongside her husband during the Battle of Olderadi.


Born: 5.5.5 ABY, Coruscant

Died: 7.7.54 ABY, Olederadi

Family: Han Solo; father, Leia Organa Solo; mother, Ulic Kedrima; husband, Relanna Kedrima Bark Rinten; daughter

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Council of Sixteen

Lightsaber Form: Niman

Master: Kyidyin Muchian

Apprentices: Many during the era of the Council of Sixteen

Appearances: Kyidyin Muchian, Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile


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