The New Jedi Order was founded shortly after the Battle of Endor. By 21 ABY a Jedi Temple had been built on Coruscant and a High Council had been established to govern over the fledgling Order. When war came, the Jedi were thrust into the head of the fighting but soon that pressure became too much and they were forced first to Kashyyyk, and then to Grovinior, where nearly all Jedi Knights would be slain. Thise that remained would ebcome the Council of Sixteen and nutured the Jedi as they rebuilt over the next thirty years. A second war would decimate the Jedi once more but would later find the Order in the governing position of the Jedriadde, though it only lasted for ten years before collapsing. After the Battle of Kashyyyk, the Jedi moved to Arebeddon and remained close to the Agency of Justice. In 80 ABY and again the following year the Order would be split and there would be bloodhsed between Jedi. This would see the death of Grandmaster Leehl and a move to Tython, which would be followed by the eventual, and final collapse of the Jedi Order. The Cleansing of the Force directly afterward would ensure that the Jedi would not return to prominence.


Founded: 6 ABY, by Luke Skywalker and Kyidyin Muchian

Dismantled: 5.16.81 ABY

Locations: Coruscant, Kashyyyk, Arebeddon.

Leaders: Kyidyin Muchian, Luke Skywalker, Arienne Shivia, Norring Glenton, Jacien Bark, Saolin Feng, Tarae Leehl, Moncar Fishor.

Appearances: JE IV, V, SBF II, III, IV,V, VI, VII, KM III



First ExtraGalactic InvasionEdit

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Jedriadde EraEdit

Leehl EraEdit

Schism and DestructionEdit