Pelagia Iserat was the oldest daughter of Narra and Mikael X / Iserat.

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Pelagia Iserat

General Information Edit

Location: Kinyen

Age (in WoTF): 10

Haircolor: Dark Blond

Eyecolor: Blue

Affiliation: Free Force-User

Parents: Narra and Mikael X / Iserat

Weapon: Lightsaber, Blue

Biography Edit

Padawan by tansy9

Pelagia as a padawan of Ender

She was the first Force-sensitive child of Narra and Mikael X / Iserat, born on Kinyen. She and her sister received training in the Force and Lightsaber combat, a reason why the Jedi council was weary of the two girls. When she was 4 years old, the Jedi Council tried to talk Mikael into letting her visit the Jedi Academy on Alderaan; at this point in time, Ahsoka and her family had already split up with the council, and as the two families were close due to the bond between Narra and Ender, and of course his own mistrust against the Jedi, Mikael declined any offers.

When she was 13, she became the official padawan of Ender. She changed to a double-bladed blue lightsaber.

Valley of the Dark Lords by tansy9

Pelagia on Geonosis, doing spy work

As a Jedi, Pelagia took mostly diplomatic missions, though she also often worked as a spy.


Pelagia as a Force-Ghost.

When her sister fell to the dark side, Pelagia managed to get to her and persuade her to leave the dark planet of Blyss with her, though her sister remained under dark influence, until Pelagia sacrificed her life for her. She later sometimes reappeared to others as a Force-ghost, including her sister who sometimes saw her out of the corner of her eye.

Powers Edit

Though Pelagia is fairly young, she owns a full-functioning lightsaber, mainly because her father saw no reason not to give her one. She is fairly calm and looks for diplomatic solutions, and can handle a great deal of responsibility at young age.