Plo Koon was a male Kel-Dor Jedi Master during the waning days of the Old Republic. As a padawan, he was apprenticed to Senior Councilor Tyvokka, later reaching the rank of Jedi Knight

Later in life, Plo fought in the Stark Hyperspace War and replaced his Master on the High Council after Tyvokka's death, receiving an improptu promotion to Master in order to be eligible for the position. He continued to serve on the High Council through the events during the Battle of Naboo and into the Clone War, fighting on Geonosis, Brentaal IV, Rendili, Telmaros, among others. He was on Cato Neimoidia when Order 66 was executed and was shot down by his former troops.

Information Edit

c. 75 BBY, Dorin

Died: 19 BBY, Cato Neimoidia

Species: Kel-Dor

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedi High Council

Jedi Path: Guardian

Weapon: Blue Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form: Shien

Master: Tyvokka

Apprentices: Bultar Swan, Azarp Bark (Barks).