Radal Hendor was born five years after the Battle of Grovinior. His parents were part of the Agents oif Justice, a splinter group of the Fist of Justice that followed Nioman Dokoora to Taldoradi rather than sticking with Darth Aelitou. From and early age Radal was involvd with a AoJ, rising to commander by the time of the war with Aelitou. When Nioman became involved with the escaped members of the Jedi Council the AoJ became allies of the Jedi, though their early contributions were minimal due to the desire to keep their location under Aelitou's nose a secret. When the Barks contacted Radal he offered them a base to work with and the support of the AoJ. Radal fought in the Battle of Olederadi , leading the defense of the base.

With the establishment of the Jedriadde Radal and his agents became heavily involved in government security, working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. When the Barks, inlcuding Radal's wife, Rosalie and two sons, Radayan and Rilian, left for Tandor Radal made the choice to remain in service to the Jedriadde, though he remained in close contact with his family and set up an AoJ base on Tandor. Later, Radal began investigating a terrorist organization called Red-Eye Five that had been causing general disruption. He was unable to continue the investigation as, while escorting Jacien and Treya Bark from Kashyyyk to Tandor they convoy was attacked and Radal's fighter was shot down. He left behind his wife and two teenage sons.


Born: 9.6.28 ABY, Taldornadi

Died: 6.30.73 ABY, near Tandor

Family: Rosalie Bark Hendor; wife, Radayan Hendor; son, Rilian Hendor; son

Affiliation: Agents of Justice, Bark Family

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile


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