Rahm Marek

Rahm Kota Marek was born two years after his elder sister Ami, and during the same year as his cousins Nobi and Jade Skywalker, the new set of Skywalker twins. The Jedi Council was not pleased with the surge in Force-sensitive Skywalker children. There were many debates over what to do with Rahm and his cousins, but the Skywalkers prevailed as Padme Amidala in her levelheadedness went head to head with the Council and won.


Name:Rahm Kota Marek

Father: Galen Marek

Mother: Leia Amidala Skywalker Marek

Siblings: Older Siblings Kin and Ami Marek

Age: 14

Profession: Jedi Cadet, soon to be a Jedi Padawan

Lightsaber Form: Niman

Featured: Will of the Force

Jedi Master: Deceased Nioman Dokoora 

Will of the ForceEdit

Jedi PadawanEdit

Rahm Kota is the third member of his family to gain the Force power to see the Force Ghosts of the Jedi long past. This power has previously only been witnessed by his grandfather, Grandmaster Anakin Skywalker, and his uncle Luke. Rahm's other uncle Jinn will later gain this ability. Rahm first noticed Gray Jedi Master Nioman Dokoora  and from there their relationship grew as it seemed Nioman kept an eye on him, and from there Rahm was able to see other Jedi such as the Jedi Master Rahm Kota that he was named for. He seems to have a really good relationship with Nioman as they have both chosen to master the same form: Niman. Rahm has also inherited her grandfather's temper and it seems his relationship with the Council. Other than Anakin Skywalker whom Rahm affectionally calls Gramps, Rahm is at odds with the Council, and they fear that he too, like his father, grandfather, aunt, and uncle will stray from the lights side of the Force and embrace the darkness. 

Seeing Force GhostsEdit


Rahm Marek seeing the ghost of Master Yoda

Mission to Unknown RegionsEdit


Rahm's visit to Unknown Territories