The Jedi raid on the Agency of Justice was a result of the change in leadership of the Jedi Order. In the past, it had been led by Tarae Leehl and her supporters, Verana Serrone, Relanna Rinten, and Zarchal. However, things changed when Verana was killed and Tarae and Relanna fled to the AoJ, leading to anti-Bark Kobor Arilic taking charge. His first order of business was to order a strike against the Barks by attacking their residences scattered around AoJ. While most of the Barks eluded the Jedi, they were followed to the AoJ and the battle moved there, on the fields outside the HQ building.

The battle lasted for hours, with no major moves or any decsive sway to one side until, finally, Jimmy and Jafira Rinten, head commanders of the AoJ, led a sortie out against the Jedi, hoping to drive them back to the Temple. The move was ultimately successful but at a cost and it did not fully eliminate Jedi presence, particularly from aircraft, After the battle, the Jedi and Agency ended up in a standoff of sorts; there was little actual fighting happening but neither side had any real advantage, with each secure in its own base. This would last until Tarae Leehl overthrew Arilic's control and reinststed herself as Jedi Grandmaster, thus ending the hostility between the two organizations.


Date: 9.19.80 ABY

Location: AoJ HQ and surrounding areas, Arebeddon

Leaders: Jafria Jeroe Rinten (AoJ), Jimmy Rinten (AoJ), Kobor Arilic (Jedi)


AoJ and BarksEdit

Jafria Rinten

Jimmy Rinten

Senior Commander Rollins

Commander Barden

Commander Gandar

Lieutenatnt Gaz

Lieutenant Griggs

Sergeant Radayan Hendor

Hazel Levesque

Enedir Levesque

Bilhah Regalia


Treya Bark

Relanna Rinten

Randen Rinten

Josiah Rinten*

Dororthy Rinten

Merle Rinten

AoJ Agents


Kobor Arilic

Shay Tirtunnia

Girand Nikatan


Jedi Knights

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Tensions BuildEdit

Jedi Leadership ChangeEdit

Raid on the BarksEdit

The Battle Moves to the AoJEdit

Duels on the FieldsEdit

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