Rhys Dallows was a longtime fighter pilot for the Naboo Royal Security Forces. Life began simple for him, growing up with a stay at home mother and a freighter pilot for a father. When his father was believed to be murdered during a pirate raid while shipping supplies to Naboo, Rhys vowed to become a RSF pilot and avenge his father's death.

At age 22 he made this dream into a reality and valiantly defended Naboo during the Trade Federation Blockade. A year on from that crisis he also served in the Naboo Underground as they rebelled the reign of King Dun-Tar during Queen Amidala's coma.


Born: 54 BBY, Naboo

Died: 17 BBY,

Species: Human

Family: Dané Dallows (Wife), Jace Dallows (Son), Reeve Dallows (Father), Ciara Dallows (Mother)

Affiliation: Royal Security Forces, Lok Revenants

Weapon: DH-17 Blaster pistol

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Brown

Appearances: Fighting For Peace


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