Rosalie was the third child of Sharad and Jana Bark, born during their three years stay on Trigilunni, one of the planets they had aided during their time in the Fringe. She developed a close bond with her older sister Jane, a bond that would last the rest of their lives. As a young adult Rosalie particpated in the war with Aelitou and fought in the Battle of Olederadi. She went on to marry Radal Hendor , commander of the Agents of Justice, allies of the Barks during the war. Rosalie and Radal would have two sons; Radayan and Rilian.

Radal would die in the fight against Red-Eye Five, leaving Rosalie with two teenage sons to raise, soemthing she did a poor job of, perferring to spend time with her brother, Emmett's family. Rosalie would later recover somewhat but by that time her sons had already grown and both bore levels of resentment towards her. When the Barks were attacked by Rogue Jedi Kobor Arilic and Shay Tirtunnia Rosalie was one of the people evacuated from Arebeddon but the ship was attacked and Rosalie and Jane were killed by Tirtunnia.


Born: 9.29.31 ABY, Trigillunni

Died: 9.26.80 ABY, Arebeddon

Family: Sharad Bark; father, Jana Salia Bark; mother, Jacien Bark; brother, Jane Bark Altorn; sister, Esmara Bark Rinten; sister, Emmett Bark; brother, Radal Hendor; husband, Radayan Hendor; son, Rilian Hendor; son

Affiliation: Bark Family, Agency of Justice

Lightsaber Form: N/A

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile


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