Sharad Bark was born on Tatooine to former Jedi Azarp and Mihra Bark during the time of the Rebellion to Restore the Republic. From an early age he was trained by his father in the ways of the Force and in lightsaber combat, both of which he excelled in. Soon his siblings were born though they were trained by his mother so it had little affect on Sharad's Jedi training.

When he was nineteen his family moved to Coruscant to join the New Jedi Order, where he thrived under the admiring eyes of the Jedi Council, where he was soon named and given an apprentice of his own, Jana Salia. During the war that followed Sharad found himself in the unexpected position of War Hero, along with Jacien Takiden, as he succeeded in battle after battle, even slaying two of Sith Lord Sora Bulq's acolytes, ones who had plagued the Jedi for years. He then fough alongside Jacien and Jana in the Battle of Grovinior, becoming one of the only sixteen ranking Jedi to survive that battle.

Instead of helping rebuild the Order, he and Jana, who he was now courting and would later marry, went off on a journey of exploration beyond the Outer Rim, a journey that would last twenty years, during that time his five children would be born and he would return to the Core only once, for his wedding to Jana. During that time he discovered many unknown planets, including the elusive moon of Shmoda, homeworld to the species of Yoda. He would also begin training hsi children during this time.

In 43 ABY, when his children ranged from ages sixteen to six, he and his family returned to Kashyyyk and served the Jedi there. Nine years later Darth Aelitou came out of hiding and made war on the Jedi and the Loyalist Alliance, driving the Jedi into hiding. Sharad was captured for a brief time but was rescued by his children and taken to their hideut on Olderadi, where Aelitou later found them. During that battle Sharad was one of the Jedi assigned to defeat Aelitou but he was killed by her before she was killed by his son, Jacien.


Born: 2.7.2 ABY, Tatooine

Died: 7.7.54 ABY , Olederadi

Family: Azarp Bark; father, Mihra Reyven Bark; mother, Plo Bark; brother, Dotina Bark; sister, Jana Salia Bark; wife, Jacien Bark; son, Jane Bark Altorn; daughter, Rosalie Bark Hendor; daughter, Esmara Bark Rinten; daughter, Emmett Bark; son

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Bark Family, Council of Sixteen, Tusken Raiders

Lightsaber Form: N/A

Masters: Azarp Bark , Jacien Takiden (mentored)

Apprentices: Jana Salia Bark, Jacien, Jane, Rosalie, Esmara, and Emmett Bark (informal)

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile, Kyidyin Muchian

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