Sora Bulq

Sora Bulq

Sora Bulq was a Weequay Jedi Master during the waning days of the Old Republic. He held a close friendship with fellow Jedi Nioman Dokoora and Mace Windu and quickly rose through the ranks of the Jedi with them, though while they were appointed to the Council Sora rose to Battlemaster, though he resigned for a short while after Nioman left the Order.

Sora fought in the Battle of Geonosis but was stunned at the loss of Jedi life and later joined Count Dooku and the CIS. On Saleucami he slew Councilor Oppo Rancisis but nearly died at the hands of Quinlan Vos, surviving only though the use of Sith Healing.

During the rule of the Empire Sora took refuge on his homeworld of Sriluur and there trained two apprentices, Barnuun Tamokke and Tesh, as his own acolytes as he awaited a chance to strike back at the Jedi, a chance he took in 21 ABY, only to shortly therafter have his plans foiled by his fomer friend-turned-pirate Nioman Dokoora, who later hunted Sora down and, failing to convince him to let go of the Darkness, slew him.


Born: 84 BBY, Ruul

Died: 22 ABY, Ruul, 19 BBY, Saleucami (DD canon)

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Dark Acolytes, CIS, Order of the Sith Lords, House of Bulq

Lightsaber Form: Vaapad

Master: Tor Difusal

Appentices: Many as Battlemaster

Appearances: Jedi Exile, Transcending Tyranus, Tartania, Kyidyin Muchian, Story of the Bark Family (mentioned only), Choice of the Chosen (mentioned only)


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Sora vs Oppo

Sora duels Oppo Rancisis


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Sora as Dark Jedi

Sora as a Sith