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Jedi Master T'ra Saa

T'ra Saa was a female Neti Jedi Master in the later days of the Old Republic. As a padawan she followed the path of a Jedi Consular and rose to Knight and then Master. She also served on the High Council at least once in her life, from 74 BBY to 54 BBY. In 72 BBY she took Mace Windu as a padawan and trained him to knighthood. During that time she was assigned to Tartania and witnessed the deaths of fellow masters Tor Difusal and Reesa Doliq though she managed to stow away on a pirate ship and later helped to bring success to the mission.

Some time after Mace graduated T'ra began developing a very close bond with fellow Jedi Master Tholme and worked clsoely with him on many occasions. When the Clone War borke out Master Saa, like many other Jedi, took up a post as a general of the Clone Army. Notable battles that T'ra participated in were Devaron, Null, and Naboo. Near the end of the war T'ra, as well as Stadas Gisera, Rahm Kota, and Maran Teesa, was assigend to Naboo to take out the base of Darksider Nioman Dokoora, a former Jedi. There she was captured by Dokoora's apprentice, Miikan and was taken to Dokoora, now called Darth Nihalis. He kept her in custody a while and she attempted to turn him back to the Light but to no avail and she was later killed by him.


Born: C. 700 BBY, Ryyk

Died: 19 BBY, Naboo

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedi High Council

Lightsaber Form: A specialized version of Soresu

Master: N/A

Apprentice: Mace Windu

Appearances: Jedi Exile, Transcending Tyranus, Tartania


Early YearsEdit

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Mace's KnightingEdit

Stepping down from the CouncilEdit

The Clone WarEdit

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Saa with Gisera

T'ra Saa fighting on Naboo alongside Stadas Gisera


Death and LegacyEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

"But more enemies will always come up. All we do is silence one faction for another to arise in its wake. There aren't enough Jedi to stop evil from surfacing."

"That is true, but we Jedi will always be here to prevent its domination. If not for us the Galaxy would be completely overrun by such men as the ones we fought yesterday. Have hope, Nioman, this life is not entirely hopeless. I believe that one day true peace will finally come to the Galaxy."

~Nioman Dokoora and T'ra Saa



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

T'ra Saa was a highly esteemed Jedi Healer, a role that she often was used in during the Clone War.

Her lightsaber technique was unusual and took elements from Soresu but turned it into a more mobile form. She also was extremely talented in deflecting blaster bolts with the Force, a technique that she often used in combat.
Saa in combat

T'ra Saa demonstrating her lightsaber skills on Null