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Sith's Revenge

Fist of Justice

New Jedi Order

Galactic Alliance

Loyalist Alliance

Iridonian Alliance


Sora Bulq (SR)

Nioman Dokoora/Darth Nihalis (FoJ)

Kyidyin Muchian (NJO)

Norring Glenton (NJO)

Sharad Bark (NJO)

Leia Organa Solo (GA/LA)

Daro Apporri (GA)

Gial Ackabr (GA/LA)

King Pethror (IA)

Major EngagementsEdit

Encounter on Trigalis

First Battle of Coruscant (EGI1)

Battle of Sullust

Battle of Sriluur

Battle of Mon Calamari

Skirmish over Dantooine

Subjugation of Coruscant (EGI1)

Subjugation of Kashyyyk

Battle of Grovinior



The Dark JediEdit

Early EngagementsEdit

Battle of SriluurEdit

Shift in the WarEdit

Conflict in the GAEdit

Move to KashyyykEdit

Later EngagementsEdit

Fall of the GAEdit

Nioman DokooraEdit

Flight to GroviniorEdit

Battle of GroviniorEdit

Conclusion and AftermathEdit