Treya Altorn was a human female born on Coruscant and taken in by the Jedi at an early age. She was assigned to Master Saolin Feng for cadet training. As a Jedi Knight, Treya fought alongside her brother Jorum during the war with Aelitou,, fighting in the Battle of Taldornadi. When Jacien Bark led a group of Jedi for a more offensive move on Olederadi, Treya reluctantly joined them but became friends with Jacien during that time. She fought in the compound defense during the Battle of Olederadi and survived that fight. She was later given a place on the Jedi Council led by her old master Saolin Feng. She later found herself in love with Jacien Bark and left the Jedi to marry him, going with his family to Tandor and having three children; Siron, Irina, and Jarrod.

She spent the next fifteen years raising and training her children before becoming involved in the conflict with Red-Eye Five. She and Jacien were highly involved in it and fought on Tandor, Alonra, and Otrera. On Otrera, Jacien was killed and Treya was left to raise her children by herself. Several years later, after a string of murders, the Jedi turned on the Barks and fighting began, with the Barks taking refuge at the AoJ headquarters. While they were there, Treya lost first her brother Jorum to the Jedi and then her oldest son, Siron, who was suppsoedly killed by Jarrod, who was hunted down and himself killed by Hazel Levesque before Treya could do anything. This left Treya in depression and she took solitude with her remaining child; Irina.

After some time in that state, Treya was taken to the Jedi for therapy and she recovered somewhat though Irina was put into a coma after being possessed and killing Tarae Leehl. Later, Treya was approached by Enedir Levesque to rescue a friend of his who he believed to be still alive after having gone missing on a mission. They were successful in this task and Treya became close with Enedir who, ironically, was the husband of Hazel, Treya's least favorite family member. They returned to the Jedi, now on Tython, but found that they were unwilling to act against Rogues Kobor Arilic and Shay Tirtunnia. Treya and Enedir approached Jedi Bilhah Regalia and Jonnedd Garred and joined them to take out the rogues.

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Born: 11.2.29 ABY, Coruscant

Died: ?

Species: Human

Family: Jorum Altorn; brother, Jacien Bark ; husband, Siron Bark; son. Irina Bark; daughter, Jarrod Bark; son

Affiliation: Bark Family , Jedi Order, Jedi Council

Jedi Path: Consular

Weapon: Green Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form: Ataru

Master: Saolin Feng

Apprentices: Siron, Irina, and Jarrod Bark

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family


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