Vana has been many things in her life. She once served the Trade Federation as a "troubleshooter" but quickly defected after witnessing the atrocities they were commiting. Following the Invasion of Naboo she joined the Royal Security Forces where she served for the next thirteen years of her life. After the formation of the Empire she quickly jumped ship and joined Rhys Dallows and Nym as they formed the Lok Revenants.


Born: 62 BBY, Alderaan

Died: Unknown

Species: Human

Family: Unkown

Affiliation: Royal Security Forces, Lok Revenants

Weapon: LL-30 Blaster Pistol

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Appearances: Fighting For Peace


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Personality and TraitsEdit

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During her time with the Trade Federations she came into possession of the Guardian Mantis, an experimental craft developed by the Xi Char. Her astromech droid, Mod-3 aids as a copilot for the craft.

Guardian mantis

The Guardian Mantis.