Zarchal in Battle

Master Zarchal

Zarchal was a male Gand trained by the Jedi during the time of the Council of Sixteen. He was a Jedi Knight when the war with Aelitou broke out and went with Jacien Bark to Olederadi and fought in the space battle there. He was promoted to Master and served on the Secular Council under Tarae Leehl. When that Council was disbanded, Zarchal was chosen for the High Council. He fought in the Battle of Alonra with his apprentices Bilhah Regalia and Enedir Levesque, both of whom fromed ties with the Barks, with Enedir later marrying into the family while Bilhah went on to become a Jedi Knight.

A few years after that Councilor Veranna Serrone was murdered and the tensions between the Jedi and Barks reached a head, with Zarchals allies on the Council, Tarae Leehl and Relanna Bark, fleeing to the AoJ. In the Battle Outside AoJ, Zarchal tried to stay out of the conflict but ended up being forced to save Jimmy Rinten from Kobor Arilic and was taken prisoner. A trial was held and the-now thoroughly corrupted Council executed Zarcha; before his apprentices could defend him.


Born: 20 ABY, Gand

Died: 80 ABY, Arebeddon

Species: Gand

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedi High Council, Jedriadde

Jedi Path: Consular

Weapon: Green Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form: Makashi

Master: Galigri

Apprentices: Bilhah Regalia, Enedir Levesque

Hair: None

Eyes: Black

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family


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Personality and TraitsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Consular, Zarchal's primary strength was in negotiation yet he was a skilled enough pilot to survive the Battle of Olederadi and good enough on the field to be assigned to help combat the Red-Eye Five.

He was proficient in Makashi but was no match for Shien and Juyo Master Kobor Arilic.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Despite his addition to SBF: IV&V, Zarchal was originally created as a new character for SBF VI and his presence carried over into SBF VII. Part of the reason for this was the gap in time between the original plotting of SBF IV and SBF VI, which saw the dropping of many of the Jedi cast that had appeared in SBF IV and the early drafts of SBF V.

This fact means that Zarchal is alone in his Council voting bloc (which includes Tarae Leehl, Veranna Serrone, and Relanna Bark) in that he was not created for or before SBF III.

However, the character is slated to appear in the publsihed versions of SBF IV and V.